SmartLeather - Premium Dry to Touch Leather Cleaner & Conditioner (w/Leather Scent) - 16 oz (473 ml)

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SmartLeather is a pH balanced formula that replenishes essential, natural nutrients needed to maintain the natural soft and supple look and feel of leather by replenishing the essential natural nutrients that evaporate over time. SmartLeather prevents fading and cracking. Automotive leather is under attack anytime it is parked in the sun. The extra-strength UV protecting agents within SmartLeather make this product the ideal choice for protecting leather in convertibles and vehicles that are exposed to the sun for long periods of time. SmartLeather leaves a natural looking finish that provides a natural shine that is dry to the touch after wiping away excess. Formulated with stain repellants and waterproofing agents, SmartLeather prevents stains.

Non-Greasy and Extra Dry
SmartLeather is non-greasy and extra dry. Once applied, it leaves the surface clean, conditioned and dry-to-the-touch. SmartLeather is formulated with stain repellants and waterproofing agents that protect leather. The ease of use, unbeatable protection, durability, dryness, pleasant leather scent and natural supple feel is unmatched.

Smart Use

Works great on leather and imitation leather

Great on other leather surfaces like briefcases, purses, shoes and furniture

Smart Application

Shake Well

Wipe or sponge on

Allow penetrate

If desired wipe dry

Re-apply as needed

Fast Facts About SmartLeather

Premium leather cleaner, conditioner and dressing

Provides unbeatable protection

Rejuvenates, restores and prolongs life of leather

Quick drying and dry-to-the-touch

Moisturizes, nourishes and replenishes

Restores natural leather fragrance

pH balanced formula with UV blocking agents

Works great on any leather surface

Long lasting