Car Cleaning 7 Pcs Tool Kit For All Your Car Detailing Needs

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1. 7 in 1 car wash kit for washing and drying car;
2. Microfiber material will not leave fragment after cleaning;
3. Tire/wheel brush cleans brake dust and road grime on all types of wheel finishing;
4. Soft chenille sponge and cleaning cloth absorb water much faster and can be used for dry or damp;
5. Constructed from the soft material that will not harm the metal or painted surfaces of the car;
6.Soft silicone car water window wiper drying blade, great for car window water wiping quickly;
7.Application for cleaning appearance of car, interior of car, automobile tyre, household kitchen, office, etc.
8.With Storage Bag, easy to carry.
Product name: Car Wash Cleaning Kits
Storage bag size: Approx.30*20*10cm
Sponge rub size: Approx.24*13*7cm
Small wax brush size:Approx.34*22cm
Gap brush size: Approx.16*3cm
Silicone wiper size:Approx.30*9.50cm
Tire brush size: Approx.26*7cm
Towel size:Approx.70*30cm

Package included: