Oil Container 1.5 Quart/Liter

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The Oil Safe 1.5 Litre / 1.5 US Quart Drum is ideal for small top-up work such as small reservoirs and oil filler bottles, particularly when mated with the Mini Spout Lid. Fully interchangeable with any Oil Safe lid, these drums have a extra wide neck opening for rapid pouring and easy cleaning. Measurements on drum start at .5 quart/liter and continue to 1.5 quarts/liters in .25 increments. (FYI: There are 32 ounces per quart / 16 ounces per .5 quarts / 8 ounces per .25 quarts) Note: The 1.5 liter drum cannot be used with Oil Safe Pump.


 This Product is Made in the USA!