Portable Car Air Compressor 12V 150PSI Electric Tire Inflator - Two Choices, Wired or Wireless

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1. Quick air supply, 60W high-power air pump, 19000+ speed piston runs quickly, and quick air supply in 10 seconds.
2.LED lighting, easy to inflate at night.
3. Accurate pressure measurement, safe tire protection.
4.Automatic charging and stopping, the preset tire pressure is clicked to start, and it will automatically stop when full.
5.Built-in professional shock absorber, double noise reduction, the structure frequency is as low as 40dB.
Product name: Wireless Air Pump
Material :Metal+ABS plastic
Voltage: 12V
Rated power: 60W
Battery capacity: 8000mAh
Pressure inflation range: 0.2~10.3bar/3~150psi
Product function: inflatable / lighting / voltage measurement

Product included: 

1 - Protable Air Compressor (2 products are available, wired or wireless).